Artist Statement

My early paintings were often highly detailed pieces, mimicking the representational style of my mentor, professors, or workshop instructors. As I have come to know myself better through the last few years, I have and accepted my energetic approach to life. It is in my nature to live loudly, boldly, brightly and expressing passion. I need to find fun in the everyday. I now live and move through life in a way that is comfortable and natural to me, even if that might seem silly to someone else. As I allowed myself to live true to my nature, my artwork experienced a transition that brought it into harmony with my approach to life.

Inspiration comes in so many ways! I am inspired by the places I have traveled and cultures I have learned about. I am inspired by the uniqueness of my home state, the changing seasons, my children, my husband, and even daily life. My paintings are visual expressions emotion and activity! I start each painting with an idea of the colors I want to use and the mood I want to convey and work forward from there.

I rarely sit still and I don’t want my art to reflect stillness. I want my paintings to be rich and vibrant. I may use a recognizable symbol or subject in the painting, but I make the painting lively by using repetition, mingling colors, blotting, pouring, taping, splattering, stamping, scratching, or even cutting up the painting and weaving it together. It is exhilarating for me when my collectors notice and appreciate this intention in my work. It is then that I feel the painting is a success.

I try to approach and complete each painting with boldness, being unafraid to make mistakes. Life is about mistakes! It’s about learning and growing as we go. I feel that art, like a person, should be always working towards improvement. For me, art is the expression of self rather than a reflection of the world. Each new painting I create is a small piece of the puzzle that is me. In the end, if I am lucky, I will end up with a masterpiece! 


"I bought the piece because it was blue with bits of action. The detail I love most is the fact that the [paper] was cut into strips and then woven into a whole again. This detail speaks volumes for me as interpretations go and also the confidence of the artist herslef ... There are moments when the light hits the silver, causing it to flicker against the blue. In fact, there is always action and some detail that begs for attention." ~ Poet and art collector, Delaina J. Miller, Kansas City, MO. 



Painting the Emotion - Jennifer Love - Artist Biography

Inspired by the sights, sounds, smells, and experience of visiting various locales and learning about different cultures, artist Jennifer Love tries to translate her inspiration to her artwork by using rich hues, texture and movement in her compositions. Her paintings often pay homage to the places she has traveled in her use of color, light, symbols or subject matter. “I want my paintings to evoke emotion. I want the viewer to feel joy, sadness, peacefulness, nostalgia, or even the desire to get up and dance!”

Love caught the travel bug from her parents early in life via family vacations in their RV to nearby state and national parks. They camped and fished their way around Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon, and Arizona. At the end of her freshman year of college, she took her first venture out of the country to live with a host family in Cuernavaca, Mexico while attending a language school. After graduating, Jennifer had the opportunity to travel to Southern Italy and Sicily with a friend. A few years later, she and her friend crossed the Atlantic again to tour Denmark, Sweden and Norway. "At one point, we spent three hours on a ferry crossing the Sonje Fjord to land in a small port town called Gudvangen. It was beautiful! My friend and I stood out on the ferry deck the entire three absolute awe!"

Married in 2004, Love and her husband have also enjoyed traveling together since their engagement. They are especially fond of the giant sequoia trees of Northern California, but their favorite place is Arches National Park and the area in and around Moab, Utah. They try to vacation in Moab annually.

"Every place I have traveled and culture I have experienced informs my art and my life. My love for Moab, UT emerges in the bright yellows, oranges, earth tones and Kokopelli images in my paintings. Crisp Cerulean and deep Ultramarine blues remind me of clear Scandinavian skies and beautiful waters. Cadmium Orange is the color of a summer sunset in Assisi. When I put paintbrush to paper, I feel the warmth of the summer sun or the fresh, salty breeze on my skin. I feel the exhilaration of completing the hike to Delicate Arch."

As a child, Jennifer enjoyed coloring and drawing (as most children do), but she was more focused on performing arts. She studied ballet for ten years and tap dancing for eight years. At age 14, after realizing that dance was not her calling, she turned her attention toward fine arts.

Inspired by her Junior High teacher, artist Lester Lee – who gave her just the right amount of encouragement, advice, and constructive criticism – Love decided she was a visual artist and never looked back. She reconnected with Lee as an adult when she signed up for a workshop he was teaching. That connection led to a friendship that is invaluable to her and has contributed greatly to her growth as an artist and person.

Jennifer was awarded an art scholarship and earned a minor in Fine Arts from Westminster College of Salt Lake City. She had been encouraged to pursue art, but not as a profession. "Art was to be a 'hobby' that I could turn to for stress release. I was focused on getting a business degree - something practical that would pay the bills. My dad treid to talk me into studying graphic design, but I had my mind set on a Marketing degree at that time."

Upon earning her degree, she began working an entry level position in marketing research for a local television station. She later completed a Master of Professional Communication. "After I finished my MPC, I bought my first house. I was able to create a studio space and I realized it was time to follow my passion. That was when I got intentional about pursuing art seriously." 

Love joined the Utah Watercolor Society (UWS) in 2003 and later became a member of the Virgin Valley Artists Association, the Intermountain Society of Artists (ISA), the National Watercolor Society, and the American Watercolor Society. She has exhibited in several UWS and ISA shows locally and served as the UWS President for the 2017-2018 year. Jennifer was a member of Local Colors of Utah artists’ co-op gallery in Salt Lake City, UT from 2010-2011 and again from 2016-2017, and she has been online at Xanadu Studios since 2011.

Jennifer prefers painting on Arches 140 lb cold press watercolor paper using M. Graham watercolor paint. She utilizes wet-in-wet, pouring, dry brush, stamping, and cutting and weaving techniques in her paintings. She works from her home studio.

Born in Newport Beach, CA, Love’s family moved to Woods Cross, UT when she was three months old. She lived in the same house in Woods Cross for 23 years before moving to Salt Lake City, UT. Love and her husband ultimately ended up back in her childhood home when they purchased it from her parents in 2006. They are enjoying raising their children and updating their house and yard as time and opportunity permits.

Even though much happiness in life comes from creating art, Jennifer’s greatest joy lies with her family. Nothing brings more fulfilment to her life than time spent with her husband and sons. She contributes a percentage of her annual art sales to Parkinson’s Disease research in support of her husband who was diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinson’s Disease in December 2006. Every day she is inspired by his sweet nature and unending support, by his patience with their two boys, and by his quiet determination to enjoy life despite the daily challenges he may encounter. "He is my biggest fan, my best friend, and we have many life adventures still to come!"





May 2019 Utah Watercolor Society 2019 Spring Open Exhibition (Ogden, UT)
Oct 2018 Utah Watercolor Society 2018 Fall Member Exhibition (Salt Lake City, UT)
July 2018 Utah Cultural Celebration Center - "What's On Your Plate?" exhibition (Salt Lake City, UT)
July 2018 Schorr Gallery Summer Exhibition (South Jordan, UT)
July 2018 Utah Watercolor Society -Cache Valley Chapter 2018 Summer Exhibition (Logan, UT)
July 2018 Utah Watercolor Society 2018 Small Works Exhibition (Salt Lake City, UT)
March 2018 CNS Art & Soup Celebration (Salt Lake City, UT)
July 2017 Utah Watercolor Society 2017 Small Works Exhibition
May 2017 Utah Watercolor Society 2017 Spring Open Exhibition
Dec 2016 - Mar 2017 Retirement Solutions Solo Exhibition
Oct 2016 Utah Watercolor Society 2016 Fall Member Exhibition
June 2015 Utah Watercolor Society 2016 Small Works Exhibition
March 2016 Utah Arts Festival Gallery Exhibition: "Wild in the West"
Oct 2015 Utah Watercolor Society 2015 Fall Member Exhibition
June 2015 Utah Watercolor Society 2015 Small Works Exhibition
June 2014 Utah Watercolor Society 2014 Small Works Exhibition
May 2014 Utah Watercolor Society 2014 Spring Open Exhibition
Oct 2013 Utah Watercolor Society 2013 Fall Exhibition
May/June 2013 Utah Watercolor Society 2013 Spring Open Exhibition
Oct 2011 Utah Watercolor Society 2011 Fall Exhibition
May/June 2011 Utah Watercolor Society 2011 Spring Open Exhibition
April – June 2011 Intermountain Society of Artists 2011 Spring Exhibition
Sep/Oct 2010 Intermountain Society of Artists 2010 Fall Exhibition
Aug 2009 Bountiful Summerfest International
Feb 2008 Utah Watercolor Society 2008 One Foot Show
June 2007 Logan SummerFest Art Faire
May 2007 Moab Arts Festival
April 2007 Utah Watercolor Society 2007 Spring Open Exhibition
Aug 2006 Bountiful Summerfest International
July 2006 Bountiful Handcart Days Exhibit
Oct/Nov 2005 Utah Watercolor Society 2005 Fall Exhibition
Aug 2005 Bountiful Summerfest International
July 2005 Bountiful Handcart Days Exhibit
May 2005 Moab Arts Festival
Feb 2005 Utah Watercolor Society 2005 One Foot Show



May 1996 Teaching Minor: Fine Art
Westminster College of Salt Lake City


2003 – Present Utah Watercolor Society (Signature Member)
            Jun’19 – May'20: WFWS Delegate & Communications/Webmaster, Utah Watercolor Society
              Jun’18 – May'19: Past President/Communications/Webmaster, Utah Watercolor Society
            Jun’17 – May'18: President, Utah Watercolor Society
            Jun’16 – May'17: Vice President, Utah Watercolor Society
            Jun’14 – May'16: Newsletter Editor, Utah Watercolor Society
            Jun’06 – Aug’07: Webmaster, Utah Watercolor Society
            Aug’03 – Jun’05: Hospitality Chair, Utah Watercolor Society
2009 – 2011 Intermountain Society of Artists
2003 – 2007
 Bountiful / Davis Art Center
2005 – 2007, 2017 Virgin Valley Artists’ Association
2003 – 2007; 2016-Present National Watercolor Society

2016 - Present: American Watercolor Society

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