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# 733 JLAC0116


by Jennifer Love

21" x 27" x 0" | Watercolor | $995.00

Status: Available

Current Location: Artist Studio

Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons in Utah. The blossoms are vibrant and colorful. I also love butterflies - especially Monarchs, as they fly through my yard to pause at my butterfly bushes in the late summer. Butterflies represent life to me. Life is about change. Even though the process may be difficult, in the end, if you have the right point of view, life is beautiful. Beauty from struggle! This piece pays homage to my love for butterflies as well as illustrating my delight in vibrant color, the passion I have for painting, and the fun I have with woven paintings depicting movement and texture. This painting is travelling with Utah Arts and Museums exhibition until June 2018



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